To White Collars of Avon

 To White Collars of Avon

Dear white collar friend, do you remember the joke of the gatekeeper? If you don’t know, let me tell; if you know I’m sorry for telling again.

One day, the state decides to employ a gatekeeper to watch over a wide and empty terrain. And later, in case essential instructions are not given to the gatekeeper he will not work, two directors were employed. Afterwards,it was thought that what if these three don’t work well and two more controllers were employed. But it was not enough, for the coordination of all these works, one general coordinator and two assistants were employed. Then a economical crisis occured in the country and for the sake of austerity the gatekeeper were fired.

Don’t take seriously that I’ve called you white collar. We are not all that different, apart from our collars.If I don’t work at warehouse, your job is at the office has no meaning. Neither my job at the warehouse, if you don’t work at office. If there is no me and you, there is no Avon. Without us, businesses can’t be carried on. But as you know, both of us are treated as the gatekeeper in the joke. Although the works at Avon can be carried without the them, a handful of executives of Avon play as if we exist out of respect to them

We as warehouse workers decided to put an end to this farce. We have laughed enough to black comedy jokes. Shall we not smile by taking more share fort he value we create?

We as DGD-Sen, the union of warehouse workers, have been in a resistance for 11 days. We expect you to support us. We stand with you for your right to be unionized, for you to have more wage, more leave of absence, more warranted job contract.

Let’s act with solidarity. Let’s act with solidarity not be the gatekeeper mentioned, but gatekeepers of each others’ acquisitions.


With regards


The Warehouse, Storehouse, Ship Building and Naval Transportation Workers’ Union


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