Our Union; DGD-SEN!

Store, warehouse, shipbuilding, marine transport workers union (DGD-Sen) was established in June 1, 2013 for activities under 16th sector which are Shipbuilding, Marine Transport, Storage and Warehousing. DGD-Sen is an independent union and is not member of any confederation. Its center is located in Istanbul and Murat Bostancı, Serdar GÜL, Uğur BEKTAŞ, Barış KALAYCIOĞLU, Murat YEKE are the members of the board of directors. Union has many members and representatives in different cities. According to number of members these cities are respectively Istanbul, Kocaeli, Kayseri and Tekirdağ. DGD-Sen facilitates its activities mainly in warehouse and store sector.

DGD-Sen launched its first resistance in Migros store located in Istanbul because of the dismissal of union activities done by its members working in Migros. The first resistance achieved success by the acceptance of reinstatement of all members and getting all compensations. The second resistance of DGD-Sen has just started in AVON, Gebze Store due to dismissal of union activities and its members. The resistance is still ongoing. Since its founding, DGD-SEN has dealt with all of the social phenomena which cause the workers to suffer from difficult working conditions and from inconvenient living standards, as well as having participated in relevant legal processes and encouraging the workers of all sectors to get organized. DGD-Sen has increased the number of membership particularly in İstanbul, Kocaeli and Kayseri. Lastly, DGD-Sen aims strengthening of the worker’s organization and exceeding the union threshold by following all social events, actions and resistance in the Shipbuilding, Marine Transport, Storage and Warehousing sectors.

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