Support AVON Workers


Would you like to support the workers’ picketing Avon in Turkey?

Avon employees, fired for joining a trade union, are picketing outside the company’s facilities in Turkey since May 23, 2016. Would like to support the picketing Avon workers, but do not know how to?

Well, everyone can contribute to the resistance in one way or another. Your contribution is precious to us. We shall overcome, through solidarity!

The Picket Line and Protests

  1. Come and join the daily vigil outside the Avon warehouse:

Address: Gebze Organized Industrial Zone – 3 Güzeller Mahallesi Tembelova Alanı Gebze

Contact:, 05356506811 – 05413084330

  1. Contribute to the solidarity fund for ensuring the continuity of the vigil.

Contact:, 05356506811 – 05413084330

  1. Participate in the protests we will be announcing from our social media accounts.

Social Media and Communication

  1. Share the posts on our trade union DGD-SEN’s web site, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts at:

  1. Send inquiries to and post questions on Avon Turkey’s social media accounts concerning the picketing workers

  1. Call the Avon Turkey Head Office and ask them about the picketing workers.

Contact: 0 212 473 11 00

  1. Write your message in support of the Avon workers with your lipstick on a mirror, and take a photo. Then, you might either share it on social media with the hashtags #1AmaçİçinGüzellik or #BeautyforAPurpose, or just send it to DGD-SEN. No mirror? No problem! There are many other methods available, as you can see below:

  1. Shoot a video in support of the Avon workers’ action and send it to our social media accounts. Furthermore, you could ask friends, and even celebrities if you happen to know any, to do likewise.

Avon Representatives and Avon Consumers

  1. Most probably, there are a few women around you who market Avon’s products with the company catalogue. You could speak to them, tell them about the experiences of the women workers packaging the products that they sell. You could suggest the sales representatives to call their regional supervisors to learn more about the Avon workers’ protest in Turkey.
  2. If you happen to know any women who consume Avon cosmetics, you could tell them how other women are exploited during the packaging and shipment of these products.

Living Abroad?

Don’t think “I am living abroad, I cannot show solidarity with the picketing workers.” Indeed, there are many things you could do over there.

  1. If there is an Avon office in the city you live in, you could simply dial them, ask questions about the struggle in Turkey, and give them information about what is going on here.
  2. You could organize a protest in front of shops which market Avon products.
  3. You could share information about the Avon workers’ struggle across various social networks, and ask people to show their support.